How long is a paintball game?

Paintball is the most adventurous and thrilling game, especially for those who know how to play paintball within a fixed time. If you are thinking about playing paintball for the first time must know how long is a paintball game.

Paintball duration varies according to the type of game. Each type’s duration is as follows.

Speedball 10-30 minutes
This is the famous version of paintballing. it takes usually 10-30 minutes.

Woodsball 30-60 minutes
Woodsball is the famous variation of paintball and it takes an average duration of 30-60 minutes

Capture the flag 10-20 minutes
This is a very interesting game type of paintball. Players of both teams capture the flag within 10-20 minutes

Zombies or Juggernaut 20-30 minutes
A skillful type of paintballing is zombies. In this game, you have to eliminate hiding players in 20-30 minutes.

Elimination 10-20 minutes
Elimination is a fast-paced paintballing type where you win after shooting or eliminating all opponent players within 10-20 minutes.

Attack and Defend 15 minutes
In this type, you attack or defend yourself within 15 minutes.

Protect the President
In this paintball format, two teams play as one attack and the other team protects the president. The duration of protecting the president in paintball is 10-20 minutes.

Military Simulation Paintball
Military simulation is a long paintball format that is played on battlefields. The duration of this game format is 4 to 10 hours to some days

Some other variations of paintball like magfed paintball and “plant the bomb” paintball are played in 15-20 minutes duration.

In different formats game duration is different you can play any game format with your ease. The average duration of all paintball formates is 10-30 minutes. Paintball is the best exciting and muscle game. In this game, you have both fun and exercise. This time duration knowledge will help you which format is suitable for you. Hope now it’s clear to you how long is a paintball game?