Before learning how to play paintball let’s learn a little bit about Paintballing. Paintball is a game of passion, excitement, and fun. Air guns are used in Paintball. This gun uses paint-filled capsules as ammo. If the opposing player shoots you a capsule and if that capsule bursts on you, you will be considered out of the game. Click here to read a detailed article about paintball.

How to play Paintball easy guide

For Beginners How to play paintball easy guide?

Here we will understand in detail how you can play it as a beginner. let’s start with some commonly asked questions about playing paintball as a beginner before knowing in detail how to play paintball or learning an easy paintball guide. 

  • Can it be played by a team or alone?
    Yes, it can be played solo and with teams as well.
  • Is it important to know the principles of paintball?
    Yes, A game gives you more fun when you know all its rules.
  • Do I need to buy equipment if I’m a beginner?
    Initially, you don’t have to buy expensive equipment. However, you can get all or some important equipment on rent for your exercise.
  • Is paintball dangerous?
    Not at all, the proportion of damage and accidents in paintball is the same as in any common game. However, it should be played with the care of safety measures. This game can be dangerous without taking safety measures.
  • What is safety clothing for paintball?
    As a protective dress, you must wear goggles, masks, helmets, long shirts, and long pants.
  • Is paintball scary?
    Although it seems to be a weapon game playing paintball is a fun and adventurous experience.
  • How do I control my fear to start paintballing?
    You can slowly control your fears by practicing only with the help of paintballs.
  • What is the simple setting of paintball?
    Players of both teams attack each other. The referee decides what is happening. 
  • What is the time duration for paintball?
    Usually, it is played in between 20-30 minutes. 

Here is how to play paintball.

Kids who have learned how to play paintball, are playing paintball

Below is the complete detail of how to play paintball as a beginner. Paintballing is a totally fun and adventurous game. If you have decided to learn it follow these steps on how to play paintball

  1. Equip yourself

If you are playing to understand at an early stage, no need to buy equipment. Instead, you can get all the required gear on rent. Even if you don’t know how to play paintball, these things are important for you, add them to your luggage before playing paintball.

  • Long Shirts
  • Gloves
  • Shoes
  • Pads
Women are learning how to play paintball


Protect your head from fast tiny spheres by wearing a paintball helmet or headgear. Remember it each time when picking up your gun. 

Long Shirts

Never use T-shirts or shorts during paintballing. Always wear long protective shirts while playing paintball.


Hands are on target more often than other body parts when you are playing paintball. Use paintball Gloves.


Rocky and unbalanced fields are being used for paintball for that you need paintball-specific shoes. Remember Sandals and slippers should always be avoided. 


Use elbow and knee pads for fast playing and protection.

Find a Suitable Place to play Paintball

Paintball requires wide and open fields. If you are quite a beginner and want to learn how to play paintball then choose a suitable place where you can play openly. However, it is also played as an indoor and outdoor game. If you are starting, it is better to go to a professional place and learn it regularly. Then you can choose any place inside and outside the house to strengthen your skills by practicing hard. 

  1. Choose a good paintball gun.

A paintball gun recreates the main role in this game. Without knowing gun-handling tactics you can not play well. so before picking a paintball gun check properly. Always keep in mind that paint-filled balls are being shot at a high velocity. That is why it uses strict safety measures to protect you and others around the playground. Hold the paintball air gun and place two fingers on the tiger and keep shooting constantly. This is a good strategy to use a paintball gun in paintball game.

2. Get Paintballs

Paintballs are used as bullets in paintball guns. The paint used in these paintballs is non-toxic and water-soluble. Remember the color of your paint in-game, it will help you understand whether you are winning or not. You can buy paintballs from any local store.

3. Practice

When you have both a paintball gun and its paintball capsules. Now it’s time to practice. Set some targets and try to hit them while running or walking. Before practice check out some best paintball games on the internet and get an idea of how to play paintball or how they work. Always remember the master rule of practice. Make sure to follow these two things when practicing with your gun. 

  1. Your safety
  2. Loading and Unloading paintball gun

4. Understand all basic rules

After Having a good practice with the essential equipment of Paintball. Now you understood a lot about them, and also practiced with them. Now you should understand all the basic rules of Paintball. There are two types of basic rules for playing paintball.

  1. General Playing Rules
  2. Special Safety Rules

The general playing Rules of How to play paintball are below:

  1. One Person will be a Referee which will decide all about your game.
  2. If you are hit by a paintball capsule you will be out
  3. If a paint-filled capsule hit you but didn’t burst at you will stay in the game without being out.
  4. If two players hit each other at the same time both will be considered out.
  5. In case of any confusion ask the referee
  6. 15-30 minutes is the playing duration for paintball competitions
  7. In a flag game, only one player will protect the flag.
  8. About DMW dead man walking law, both teams can decide whether it should be allowed or not
  9. Paintballs can not be reimbursed while playing.
  10. Set boundaries of your playing area before starting the game.

Special Safety Rules for Paintball

  1. Without wearing a safety dress you are strictly not allowed to play Paintball.
  2. Googles and Masks are for all even for those who are not playing but watching the game by sitting nearer.
  3. In case of any player’s mask falls, Referee will take a break until he wears it again.
  4. physical interaction is not allowed
  5. Can not target a player who is 10-15 feet distance. The distance should be more than 15 feet.
  6. In case of any emergency, you can put your hands on your head, the referee will stop the game until the problem is resolved.
  7. An eliminated player cannot shoot in any way.
  8. Never shoot the referee
  9. Never use drag before or after starting the game
  10. Don’t go with paintball guns in public.

Big mistakes that should be avoided during the game

Mistakes of paintballing can weaken your game-winning strategy. If you are involved in these following mistakes your winning chances will be reduced. Here are some of those mistakes you should avoid during paintballing.

  1. Never Pick Pallets from the ground
  2. Don’t Run out of gas
  3. Avoid Rapid Fires
  4. Don’t waste the paint

Final thoughts

All the basic points related to the question of how to play paintball are stated in this article in detail. All you need to remember is to take the necessary safety equipment, understand the game rules, practice hard, and repeat the same process. That’s it. Follow this method for a few days, practice and you will be polished in your paintballing skills. Still didn’t get what is written above kindly follow this guide. In the case of any questions related to how to play paintball, ask in the comment section below without any hesitation.