How to stop a paintball mask from fogging?

Playing with a foggy mask or unclear goggles is very difficult. Many people have the question of how to stop a paintball mask from fogging. Hitting the target with a foggy mask is a problem. And this is the most common problem on Paintball fields. Many people suffer from this problem during paintball. How to stop a paintball mask from fogging? here’s the answer.

Go with Fog-free masks

To avoid fog on your mask first thing is to purchase a mask that has good fog-free features. Thermal masks have a good ability to control fog for a long time in paintball. Many mask manufacturers claim this but some of them prove it. In this regard, if you are shopping online, check the ratings and reviews. After long research, we have found these best paintball masks check them out.

Make sure the mask is fit to your face size.

A major cause of fogging is that the mask does not fit your face. Therefore before purchasing a mask must check your face size accordingly. Because of the size is small and large, your mask becomes blurry and foggy due to breathing. Don’t ignore the fact that matching the size of the mask to your face does matter a lot.

Lens Cleaner

Anti-fog sprays or lens cleaner is the best way to prevent fogging your paintball masks. This is one of the best fog prevention techniques used by a lot of paintball players. In some cases, the lens cleaner doesn’t work 100% if you are facing the same issue or somehow you have no lens cleaner then use another technique of preventing fog from your masks.

Wear A headwrap

Wearing a headwrap will soak up a sweat it keeps the mask foam dry. Wearing a headwrap can make a huge difference in removing fog from paintball masks. These Anti-slip straps are adjustable. Headwraps spread vents to enhance breathability and this help in removing fog from your mask

Good ventilation of masks

Make sure your mask has multiple slots of ventilation because masks with good ventilation features can prevent fog in a better way.

Some important tips on How to stop a paintball mask from fogging?

In addition to the above methods, players also use these methods to keep their masks from fogging up.

  1. Use shaving cream inside of your paintball mask lens. Spread it and let it dry then remove the excess it will create a thin fog-free layer on your mask. By applying this trick your mask will be fog free but a little bit blurry and you may face some visibility issues.
  2. Using a bar of soap can also remove fog from your paintball mask. You can use soap bars in the same way as you have read about shaving cream.
  3. Water-repellent spray can fix your foggy lens. Many players of different sports use this method. In paintball, it is also useful.
  4. Mask fans in modern paintball masks keep your lens clear from fog. Use them in extreme humidity conditions.
  5. Adjusting your mask according to your face can also help to remove the fog on your paintball mask. Usually your tight fittings and breathing in a mask cause fogg inside your mask. When you adjust your mask with your face most of the time it automatically prevents the mask from fogging.


Hope you have found the answer to this question that how to stop a paintball mask from fogging. Breathability, size, weather, and adjustment cause fogging in masks you can prevent it by using fog-free thermal masks, lens cleaners, and good ventilation of masks. Some tricks like using shaving cream, water-repellent spray, and vaseline are also useful to remove fog from paintball masks. you can read more here.