paintball bruises

Are you scared of paintball bruises? here’s the complete detail on how you can treat and prevent paintball bruises.

Why do paintball bruises appear on the body during paintball?

You will be surprised to know that in paintball, every year only 20 to 45 injuries occur many of them are minors during paintball bruises appear only on some of the player’s naked skin or exposed body parts that are unprotected. These purplish marks are caused by direct paint shots on your uncovered skin areas.

How to differentiate a paintball welt from a paintball bruise? This is simple if the spot where you are hit is raised and swollen it’s a paintball welt and in the case of paintball bruises you will have discoloration which can gradually spread on your body.

How to Stop Paintball Bruises

Bruises are normal in paintball but you can prevent paintball bruises by using these techniques.

Play like a pro

The best way to prevent paintball bruises is to play paintball like a pro and avoid to get hits on your direct hits for this, make sure you are wearing safety paintball dresses and best paintball masks.

Cover your whole skin

By covering your complete skin with safety dresses and paintball-recommended equipment you can avoid direct hits which cause paintball bruises.

Wear padding and thick clothes

Padding and dresses in multiple layers are highly recommended in Paintball. This dress is also the best way to prevent yourself from paintball bruises. These clothes reduce the effect of paint on the body.

Always Use the best paintball masks or helmets

Helmets and paintball masks give you full face security while playing paintball. Your face has very sensitive parts and bruises on those face parts are very dangerous therefore always use the best paintball masks.

Here’s the complete recommended list of the best paintball masks.

Don’t go without Goggles

Paintballs don’t only damage your exposed body, they can also damage your eyes if you are not protecting them.

Keep moving

Change your body and keep moving while playing paintball it will help you avoid hitting on same place multiple times.

Treatment of Paintball bruises

If somehow you have paintball bruises on your body while playing paintball here’s the solution. This is a step-by-step guide on how to treat a paintball bruise

Wash a bruise

Wash with warm soapy water that body part first where you have a paintball bruise. Washing the affected area will help in removing dirt, blood, and debris from the spot. After washing let dry or gently dry with a soft thick cloth. Remember never to apply alcoholic material to your open wound.

Cold Compress

Now apply a cold compress to a paintball bruise it will make your affected area narrower. by cold compress, on paintball bruises, blood vessels will constrict and blood flow to the rest of the body will decrease.

Warm Compress

the cold compress helped you in relieving bruises and swelling. Now apply a warm compress to get ease and soothe the pain. Use a hot compress on the affected area for 15-20 minutes. Always do warm compress after 15 20 minutes of cold compress.

Take OTC pain medications

After the initial remedy of the compress if your paintball bruise is serious then take over-the-counter (OTC) medications these medications should be suggested by your doctor. Usually, in this condition, doctors suggest Tylenol and Mortin formula medications.

Limit the blood flow in the affected area

Keep your bruised or welted area elevated, if easily possible. It will help restrict blood flow in that affected area. Less blood flow in the affected area means less swelling and inflammation. You can elevate your affected area by putting some supports like a pillow or something same on top of each affected part like a leg, arm, or others.

Soak for 20 minutes

In Paintball, soreness is very common so stop it and soak your affected body parts for 20 minutes in salty water. It can ease your pain and speed recovery.


Are paintball bruises dangerous?

Although it is a minor disease that can be treated easily, it is preventable with some tips and techniques.

What is the difference between Paintball welts and paintball bruises?

Both occur due to getting direct paintball hits. A paintball welt is a raised mark caused by bleeding from the injured part while in paintball bruises, skin is not raised and your affected skin part can be discolorated and gradually spread.

Which one is dangerous paintball welts or paintball bruises?

Both are minor injuries in paintball.

Is washing the affected area safe?

Yes washing the body parts that are affected by bruises is safe.

Can we Compress the paintball bruised area?

What medicines are recommended for paintball bruises?

For exact medicines contact your doctor.

What is the outlook for paintball bruises?

Bruises and welts are minor injuries in paintball, but anyone can avoid these injuries by protecting themself with recommended protective equipment.

Paintball bruises vs welts which heal faster?

Usually, bruises heal slower than a welt.

Do you need a skin specialist for paintball bruises?
No, you can continue your remedies at home by taking some suggested medicines.

Are bruises Harmful?
No, bruises are commonly harmless unless your bruises are extremely painful.

This is the complete guide about paintball bruises treatment and prevention tips. For complete medical treatment for extreme injuries contact your doctor or read this first aid guide. If this article is helpful for you share it with your paintball fellows.