Paintball vs Airsoft

There are two games that have warfare styles Paintball vs Airsoft. There are many differences between Paintball and Airsoft. Airsoft is popularly played by real firearms. In paintball, players also target each other and shoot but with paint-filled bubbles from a special paintball airgun or marker. 

Equipment: Paintballs Paintball guns or Markers Goggles Masks Gloves Long Shirt and plant hooper Helmet Gun: Easy to load with paintballs. The paintball gun uses an air pressor to shoot the paintball. Cost: A Paintball gun will cost you over $100. Paintballs are usually sold in packs with around 2000 paintballs. 
Paintball is more popular than Airsoft.
Eye Protector
Face Mask
Although the Airsoft gun is also lightweight and easy to carry but is hard to load while playing. Cost: You can purchase an airsoft gun for $100 or less than $50. The price of a pellet box is between $10 and $20 and has 5000 BBs.
Popularity: Airsoft is less popular than Airsoft.

Which hurts more Paintball vs Airsoft?

As there is a difference in the size and material of ammunition Paintball hurts more than Airsoft. Therefore most paintball players wear lightweight full-face protectors. In contrast, due to less pain involved in Airsoft hits, Airsoft players use only safety glasses. Still, full face protection is recommended for both games. Pros and Cons of both games are given below in detail read and decide which is good for you.

Paintball Pros:

  • Paintball’s hit is visible. 
  • has a set of rules
  • Standardized professional Sport
  • Paint Shooting doesn’t cause injuries
  • More Fun
  • Less Scary than other warframe games.

Paintball Cons:

  • It hurts more than Airsoft BBs
  • Paint dirty Stains
  • Need Big gas containers with gun
  • More expensive than airsoft

Airsoft Pros:

  • it is cheap than paintball
  • it has less pain
  • Better accuracy
  • Realistic simulation touch
  • Smaller gas containers are required with guns

Airsoft Cons:

  • It has no-hit markers
  • Airsoft BBs may cause some injuries 
  • It has an unorganized set of rules
  • It relies on the honor system of the game
paintball for kids

Playing both games is a great experience. paintball and airsoft both games have the same nature of playing. These are the main differences between both games. now you can easily understand which is better in Paintball vs Airsoft competition. Find more frequently asked questions below in the context of paintball vs airsoft


  1. Is Paintball more painful than Airsoft?

Due to size and type of ammunition Paintball hurt more than Airsoft hits. Because Paintball uses paint-filled bullets which hurts more than airsoft.

  1. Is Paintball the same as airsoft?

The nature of both games is same but Airsoft is a simulation game and Paintball is a game where players shoot one another using paintballs. In the meaning of fun and adventure paintball is always on top.

  1. Which is safer paintball vs airsoft?

Paintball is safer than Airsoft it uses paint-filled paintballs to shoot the opponent.

  1. Is Paintball still popular? 

Yes, Paintball is still a popular and fast-growing adventurous sport.

  1. Is Paintball a professional game?

Yes, it’s innovating day by day and has many professional events.

6. Which is easy to play?

It totally depends on your interest. Both games are easy to learn and play.

7. Paintball vs Airsoft which is best for kids?

There are two different versions in both games for Adults and Kids. Adults and Kids can easily play paintball and airsoft games.

What is paintball

Although both games are the same in their nature, some of their differences separate them from each other. You can play either of your choices. Paintball is becoming increasingly becoming a famous game. Professionally paintball is being given more importance. In my personal opinion, paintball is better than airsoft. What game do you like tell us in the comment section.