What to wear for paintball

Worried about what to wear for paintball? Wearing a proper dress on paintball day can help you play better, especially in soft movement, comfortability, and safety. You don’t need to wear a complete military kit you just need to wear these 8 essential clothes for paintballing. Being fully dressed in safety gear will boost your productivity in-game. Only wearing the best paintball masks and old clothes are enough to play better but if you want to play like a pro and are confused about what to wear for paintball? then consider these 8 pieces of equipment on paintball day. 

  1. Paintball Masks
  2. Gloves
  3. Old Hoodies long sleeve t-shirts
  4. Long baggy pants
  5. Hats
  6. Shoes
  7. Coverall/Jumpsuits
  8. Paintball Harnesses

You can find all these items on amazon or can get on rent at paintball places.

What to wear to paintball for the head?

What to wear for paintball
What to wear for paintball?

One of the important answers to your question about what to wear to paintball is headwear is a very important and basic requirement for playing paintball. Best paintball masks make this possible. It prevents injury to your face and its vital parts. The characteristic of a good mask is that it contains all the factors that protect you. There are many masks in the market that provide you with a good gaming experience. Be sure to wear them to protect your eyes, ears, and nose.

What to wear to paintball for the hands?

Paintball gloves specifically designed to play paintball

Hands are the most used part of your body in paintballing. That is why their protection is so important. Try to wear gloves that have good grip, airflow, and movement. Hand protection and comfortability are the main purposes to wear gloves in paintballing. For rapid fire and hand movements, you must wear gloves during the game. It increases your speed and attack ability.

Old Hoodies long sleeve t-shirts

In this game, you have to run, attack, and move fast. All of this requires that you wear clothes that support you in these things. Long and loose clothes like old hoodies and long sleeve t-shirts are used for this purpose, they help you to move faster, avoid attacks and give you comfortability while playing. Almost wearing casual clothing is good for paintballing because they help you in movement, to take away the sting of paintball. You can purchase your own or you will be provided these types of clothes on paintball day. 

Long baggy pants

Although it is also a part of the aforementioned outfit, many people forget about it on game day. Remember to wear loose long baggy pants that help you play well. You can also use your old pants so you are not afraid of dirty spots on your pants. In short wear clothes that cover your skin properly and help you prevent getting shot.


Many masks have this feature, but if yours does not have a hat feature, you should wear a hat separately. A hat with a logo makes you stand out as the best professional player in the game. It protects you from sunburn and color spots on your hat. You can also wear paintball hats with a paintball mask easily. 


For best energy action wearing paintball, shoes are important. Paintball shoes help you slide, jump, run and walk comfortably in paintballing. In movements, feet play a vital role if you have perfect shoes you can deliver your best in-game. These shoes also help you protect your feet from getting hurt. Always wear excellent paintball shoes while playing paintball. 


Do you want to play like an expert you should wear a paintball coverall jumpsuit? Specially built for paintball-jumpsuits help you cover your whole body. In these jumpsuits, you have buttons, elastic wrists, and padded collars. These overall dresses protect you from heat, getting hit, and dirty. Usually, these paintball covers wore on your usual clothes. These are easy to wear, wash, and move. If you don’t want to get your clothes dirty, wear these paintball coverall jumpsuits. 

Paintball Harnesses

With the help of Paintball Harnesses, you can store paint on your back and can use it to reload your ammo. These harnesses have elastic pods and never let you run out of ammo. Harness pod packs can carry more paint and reload quickly these are the needs of every paintballer. Use comfortable and the best material backing pods. Harnesses that can pull pods out easily are best. Pod packs can store more than 2,500 paintballs. This is also an important part of your paintballing dressing. 

What to wear for paintball in summer?

Paintball players often wear sweat pants, long and loose shirts with layers in summer for paintball. If you are playing paintball in the hot avoid vests or anything extra. Because of the hot weather and high activity, try to wear light sports clothing. Be sure to pay attention to clothing in hot weather so that your health does not pose any risk. Try to take water breaks during the game.

What to wear to paintball in winter?

For cold weather, you can wear sweatshirts, zip-up waterproof coats, and coveralls.

Why do you need to wear these items?

Keep your head and hands safe and secure with the best equipment available on market. These body parts are most vulnerable and need extra protection. Then your whole body is on target of paint if you are wearing a whole jumper or coverall clothes your usual clothes and body will never be a string. For footwear, comfort and protection are important causes to wear the best paintball shoes. 

  1. Paintball masks and goggles protect your face and head. 
  2. A long baggy dress protects your whole body and arms.
  3. Gloves protect your hands and fingers
  4. Shoes protect you from slipping while running and walking in-game.
  5. Jumpsuits and coveralls for full body protection and prevent color spots on your clothes. 


What should a beginner wear to paintball?

A beginner should wear a jumper, a full mask, and gloves.

Do paintballs hurt with clothes?

It depends on how much padding and protection you wear. If you are dressed properly as per paintball guidance you can play safely. 

What do you wear to paintball casual?

hoodies and masks are good enough to play casual paintballing.

What color should you wear to paintball?

You can wear any color but dark and camouflage cloth colors are best to play paintball because these are easy to avoid detection and capture. Most of the paint used in paintballs is washable but during play you may crawl in dirt or mud, this is the risk of staining your clothes therefore these colors and old clothes are recommended for paintballing.

What to wear for paintball which doesn’t hurt?

Try to save your bare skin to avoid direct paintball hitting. Remember long sleeve shirts, gloves, and masks car reduce paintball hitting pain and make your game more enjoyable. 

Are jeans good for paintball?

Shorts are not recommended for paintball. Paintball players wear loose pants, jeans, and cargo baggy pants. 

Do paintball places give you gear and guide you on what to wear for paintball?

Yes, most of the paintball places give you paintball gear when you get registered with them. Some ask for rent and some include those charges in your registration fee. 

Conclusion of what to wear for paintball?

As a beginner, you can get started and practice with some initial paintball gear in your place or nearby as practice only. Small practice will help you understand what to wear for paintball is important to you and what to wear for paintball. If you are an expert in the game and are going for a healthy competition then give importance to all the things mentioned above. This sportswear protects you from bruises and stains and if you have used it as instructed during play, at the end of the game you go back with a winning feeling.