which hurts more paintball or airsoft?

Which Hurts More Paintball or Airsoft? Airsoft is generally considered less painful, here’s how Airsoft shooting hurt less than paintball.

Airsoft and Paintball both are shooting sports. What hurts more bb or airsoft it depends on ammunition size weight, and shooting speed. Players and teams fight and attack each other by using specific guns. To understand Which Hurts More Paintball or Airsoft? Airsoft is generally considered less painful, but before explaining it, Let’s know the weapons and ammo specially made for these games.

Players are playing Paintball

Paintball Guns

To know which hurts more Paintball or Airsoft? we need to learn about guns that are used in both sports Paintball guns or markers are made of aluminum, and aluminum is melted at 1,000 degrees. Some parts of these guns are complicated and expensive and are specifically made to shoot paintballs safely, so they don’t hurt players too much. Then the process of Assembling parts starts. In paintball markers, mainly plastic components are used to break players less.

After the initial manufacturing stages, the paintball guns are tested. It is ensured that 1000 shots of paintballs should be fired from the gun. A 150-170m distance also measures shooting speed. All these steps are performed so that they do not hurt the person in front. If any paintball marker does not pass these preliminary tests, it is not sent to market. Paintballs are shot with these guns with high speed and velocity. Therefore paintball markers are safe for you if you use them with safety measures; otherwise, they can injure you. Read Paintball vs Airsoft Which One is Better?

A paintball player is using a paintball marker

Safety Measures to use paintball guns

Although paintball guns don’t kill or injure still be sure to consider these precautions before using any gun, it is very important for your safety.

  • Check Paintball markers before using them
  • Use tested Paintballs
  • Always wear Masks
  • Maintain a safe distance to play paintball
  • Wear instructed dress while playing paintball

Airsoft guns

Airsoft guns are also made of aluminum combined with plastic and steel parts. These are copies of toy guns used in Airsoft sport. These are low-powered lightweight guns specially designed to shoot non-metallic plastic objects. these objects are called BBs. Getting shot with Airsoft guns is less painful. because the lightweight plastic ammo is used in these guns. Airsoft guns can hurt you if you are hit on the skin. Airsoft pellets are made of plastic and usually don’t hurt players badly.

An Airsoft Gun

Safety Measures to use Airsoft guns

follow these safety rules before using Airsoft guns

  • check gun before using
  • Load before shooting
  • Point the gun in a safe direction
  • wear eye protectors or goggles

Which Hurts More Paintball or Airsoft?

Among the paintballs and plastic pellets, we think plastic pallets hurt more. But in fact, it is not like we think because paintballs are paint-filled pellets and heavy in weight therefore they cause relatively a little bit more pain than airsoft. Hence both sports are safe and not dangerous. Be sure to take precautions before playing these sports. Without taking safety precautions playing any sport is dangerous Especially sports that involve shooting. Find the detailed differences between both Sports


With the comparison below you can find out which game is more suitable and safe for you or Which Hurts More Paintball or Airsoft?

Which hurts more Paintball or Airsoft?
Which hurts more Paintball or Airsoft?


The nature and style of use of ammunition in paintball

  1. Paint-filled pellets
  2. Shooting speed is high
  3. The minimum distance declared as a sports rule is 10-15 foot
  4. The average size of paintballs is 17.3mm
  5. Paintballs weigh only 1.25 grams
  6. Paintball shoot in 220-280 fps(feet per second)


The nature and style of use of ammunition in Airsoft

  1. Plastic pellets
  2. The shooting speed of Airsoft is also high
  3. The minimum distance of shooting in Airsoft is 65-50
  4. The average size of Airsoft is around 6 mm
  5. BBs of Airsoft weighs only 0.12g to 0.20g
  6. BBs Shoot at 200-400 fps (feet per second)

Why do people choose Paintball?

Although the weapons used in Paintball are more weighty and speed than Airsoft, people still play Paintball and search on google paintball near me because This is an entertaining sport and an adventurous activity. Imagine you’re in a plain or mountainous area and playing it with friends. Playing with paintballs and paints and defending yourself from stains makes the game more enjoyable. Paintball is an entertaining sport. A sense of fun brings you again and again to this sport. Beyond enjoyment, Paintball gives you focus and a great experience of body exercises. Still not cleared which hurts more Paintball or Airsoft? Read below why do people choose airsoft?

Why do people choose Airsoft?

People prefer to play Airsoft because its equipment is like real guns. Airsoft looks and feels like real things. It is addictive and much fun. Airsoft is the choice of many people because of its lightweight toy weapons and ammo used. Airsoft is not just a sport; it’s also an excellent workout for the body. Playing Airsoft actives your mind. It also has some benefits like Paintball; therefore, people like Airsoft. Hope you understand which hurts more Paintball or Airsoft?